I find that people are often worried about being too bland with their outfits, especially when it comes to waking up early to get ready for class. This coming spring it’s important to embrace the basic items in your closet and have some fun!

This year many of the spring 2016 runway shows demonstrated how to turn a signature basic items into something a bit more couture. Viktor & Rolf’s spring 2016 couture collection started off with what appeared to be a plain white shirt that had been cut up and manipulated to be made a bit more chic. As someone who is all about basics, I so admired how the designers re-imagined a classic item of clothing.

I am forever and always about the T-shirt dress. I think it is one of the most malleable items of clothing nowadays. I can slip one on when I’m running from my daily dance class to history class, or wear one with tights and boots to go out to dinner with friends. Many clothing brands seem to be catching on to this trend because more and more are producing them. Urban Outfitters and American Apparel are such big fans of the T-shirt dress that they’re selling them in all shapes, sizes and colors! A year ago when I purchased my short sleeve turtleneck T-shirt dress at Urban Outfitters, I could barely find anything else like it in the store!

Another great thing about basics is their flexibility. Basics such as t-shirt dresses can be paired with almost anything. I like to pair mine with black tights, loafers, a big tote and usually an oversized peacoat. Because it’s easy to get caught up in layering, I take a simpler approach in adding some flare by staying neutral and wearing some eye catching accessories, including my grandmother’s wedding ring. Additionally, I try to do subtle pops of color, such as matching the color of the lining of my loafer to one of the colors highlighted on my book bag. However, as I mentioned before, basics, such as the T-shirt dress, give me the ability to mix things up if I want to go out on town with my girl friends. All I need to do is slip on a pair of heeled boots and a leather jacket and I’m good to go!

Wearing items that are more malleable is important, as it’s hard to tell what the weather is going to be like for the week. Embracing the basic, more neutral items in your closet will help to provide you with more outfit choices during this crazy weather transition to spring.

Get My Look: 1. Gray T-Shirt Dress. 2. Hudson Black Patten Leather Loafers. 3. Marc Jacobs Tote. 4. Zoe Chicco Rings.