STYLE GURU STYLE: Jumpsuits and Gladiators

Chloé’s spring ready-to-wear runway show showcased an abundance of gladiator sandals and neutral-colored clothing. The top and bottom of the outfit repeatedly matched in color. Whether it be a dress, jumpsuit or two piece ensemble, most of the looks were monochromatic. It was a simple yet glamorous runway show.

The Chloé brand epitomizes what I try to bring to my style. I want to look effortlessly elegant and polished. It is classic, yet it has its own uniqueness to it.

The shoes I am wearing are a toned down gladiator sandal compared to those used on the runway, but they are still a gladiator sandal. My jumpsuit is of a more neutral tone with the blue/gray color. This is the perfect effortless look to wear during the summer. A jumpsuit or romper always looks more fashion-forward compared to other outfits that consist of a top and bottom, and they are so much easier to throw on. It’s a win-win outfit.

Using my hair as an accessory is something that I love to do. I think it adds a point of interest to any look. Even just the simple add on of the braid to the low bun gives it that little something extra. I also like how it still looks pretty while keeping it up and out of my face on these hot summer days. My other accessories include a black cross-body bag and aviator sunglasses.

Get My Look: 1. A pair of gladiator sandals. 2. A summer jumpsuit. 3. A pair of aviator sunglasses.