STYLE GURU STYLE: Jumping Into Summer

What does your summer wardrobe consist of? A floral romper here, a maxi dress there; summer styles can be a little predictable sometimes. I grew bored of the usual warm weather wear and opted for something a little riskier.

I was inspired by Rebecca Taylor’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection. I couldn’t help but get an understated That 70’s Show feel when I saw the garments. Tailored pants, flowing skirts and many boy-ish necklines graced the runway in this particular show. In my opinion, the most intriguing pieces of them all were the culotte jumpsuits. This angular getup will put your go-to onsie to shame.

Blazing hot summer days don’t suit long sleeves. The hexagon shaped bodice is an urban twist on a basic sleeveless neckline. And to the contrary of what you may have heard, black is always the new black. I chose a classic color to highlight the silhouette of the jumpsuit. A pleated waist line and flare hem create a curvaceous figure.

But of course, what’s an outfit without a little texture? This oversized, cheetah print clutch from Target holds everything from my student ID to my favorite nude lipstick. The vibrant heels from Boohoo add some excitement and are surprisingly quite comfortable.

The styling of the models in the Rebecca Taylor runway show was minimal. Soft makeup and modest hairstyles. With this in mind, I kept my foundation light while my hair is simple. I thought just a few small accessories would be perfect. The point is to draw more attention to the clothing. Altogether, these pieces create a sleek look that is sure to turn heads.

Get My Look: 1. A culotte jumpsuit in a solid color. 2. Bold heels. 3. Oversized clutch.