STYLE GURU STYLE: Jump Into Simplicity

We’ve all heard the saying “less is more.” Even Coco Chanel attested to the importance of minimalism by stating, “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” Yet, as a fashion enthusiast, I’ve had a difficult time mastering the art of simplicity. I love accessories and metallic pieces, so my outfits can quickly become busy.

Although I have not mastered this ancient art, many designers and stylists have, including Jason Wu. Wu’s 2016 resort collection is the epitome of chic and ease. The outfits in this collection are structured and consist of only one or two colors. Navy was an extremely popular color in Wu’s collection, and it was one of these navy pieces that inspired my look. According to Netflix, Orange is the New Black, but I would have to disagree. Navy is the new black. Not only does navy make any piece of clothing look expensive, but also it flatters every skin tone and hair color.

My goal was to transform Wu’s navy turtleneck one-piece into a more edgy, urban outfit. I wanted to stay true to my inspiration, so the focal point of my outfit was a navy jumpsuit. Jumpsuits, relatives of the romper, are one of my favorite types of clothing. They can be dressed up or down, give you ridiculously long legs and require little effort. What I love about this jumpsuit is the cinched waist and the gemstone details on the shoulders. Most importantly, it has pockets!

I paired the jumpsuit with pewter heels, the same color as the decorative gemstones. Sticking to my shiny detail theme, I sported a pair of oversized, diamond hoop earrings. For the rest of my accessories, I tried to embody Wu’s simplicity by opting for a geometric navy bag and black sunglasses. I also kept my makeup and hair modest with a light pink lip, and a slicked back ponytail.

What I learned from channeling my inner Jason Wu is that simple is not a synonym for boring. The most eye-catching ensemble is not always the flashiest. Also, simple and easy are not interchangeable in the world of fashion. Simplicity takes time and effort, but once you master it, you are left with a timeless style that others will wish they could emulate.

Get My Look: 1. A solid color jumpsuit. 2. A pair of metallic heels. 3. A structured bag.