STYLE GURU STYLE: Journalist Attire

Sometimes I really enjoy dressing like a typical journalist: plain shirt and jeans. No fuss, no overthinking, just the unofficial uniform this profession holds dear. Do not get me wrong, I like and admire a nice outfit as much as the next girl, but there are days that I just want be plain. Besides, it is not like I live a Downton Abbey lifestyle where I have three maids to iron, fold and plan my outfit. Actually, I am very far from the glamorous treatment of the English earls. I share an apartment and I do my own laundry, so it is safe to say that I barely explore my limits as far as mixing and matching clothes goes.

A little disappointing, yes, but so are many things, like first episode of the third season of The Newsroom. So boring. But back to fashion! If there is one thing I have learned in my never ending attempts to look great with minimal effort, it is how far one piece of clothing can go. A simple sweater can do magic for an outfit, believe it or not. I have received many compliments on this floral cardigan, for example, so I can say from experience it works!

Of course, not only cardigans can give your outfit an upgrade. Kimonos are incredible as well. Plus if you like trends, a lot of celebrities are wearing them. Also, if you’ve noticed, my pants are ripped. Just barely, but they are. This touch may not seem like much, but it gives the overall look a young and modern vibe. Actually, with that denim element, I could even trade the sweater for a graphic T-shirt.

Get my look: 1. A plain Jane shirt. 2. Ripped jeans. 3. The magical element that is the floral cardigan.