STYLE GURU STYLE: Jewelry, Lace And Fringe, Oh My!

If someone were to ask me who my favorite designer is, I would instantly say Elie Saab. Therefore, it probably isn’t too surprising my look was inspired by the Elie Saab resort 2016 collection. Hearing “Resort collection”, my immediate response was to imagine Hawaiian shirts and board shorts with shockingly bright colors. Luckily, this was not the case and instead the collection included an assortment of soft colors and lace textures.

This collection features all the romantic elements of spring, but with an edgy twist. My crème colored lace top taps into those elements, and the long fringe at the bottom is what brings out the subtle edge. Since the top is the focal point of this look, I decided to go with simple black jeans to avoid drawing too much attention away from the lace detailing.

The trousers, shorts and blazers featured the the Elie Saab collection hint at inspiration from menswear, so I decided to try to incorporate that with my shoes. The oxford shape of my shoes gives them (along with my overall look) a more elegant feel. In my opinion, oxfords and lace always make great matches!

For jewelry, you can either go with something pretty and girly for a more daytime look, or choose something rustic or metallic for an easy nighttime transition. Pearls, gold and diamonds always make great matches because of their simplicity and versatility. I decided to do a little bit of everything, and chose geometric shaped diamond earrings as the feature pieces, and paired them with my all-time favorite Mickey Mouse studs to help soften the look. Lastly, try stacking some simple bracelets, like I have, or wearing a delicate necklace to tie the entire look together.

Get My Look: 1. A lightweight top with lace or fringe. 2. Black or dark wash jeans. 3. A comfortable pair of cutout oxfords.