August 17th, 2015 at 2:10am

Pant suits, flannels, boyfriend jeans, suit coats and even flannels big enough to wear as a dress are what stood out to me in the DKNY resort 2016 collection. A lot of women’s current fashion includes elements from a man’s side of the closet. This trend is fantastic simply because now there is more clothes to play around with and style! I appreciate men’s clothing mostly because of the fit and feel. Some men’s clothing has a slimmer fit, and others can be baggy and oversized.

My favorite aspect of the DKNY collection is how oversized the pieces of clothing are. From long button-downs to long jackets to baggy pants, the look appears effortless but still modern. With the effortless look, each outfit has a little wiggle room but is still structured. For my outfit above, I took a hot item in current men’s fashion, and incorporated it with some of my everyday pieces of clothing.

Let me start off with the jersey from The Loyalty Club. The length, the slimming fit and the material of the jersey is all fantastic. I like the slim fit of the jersey because it is still flattering. It does not look too oversized for me. It’s very versatile that I could wear it over items of clothing, or just simply the jersey alone.  Another thing that I love about it is that you can wear it zipped or unzipped, depending on however I feel like styling it that day. Underneath my jersey, I am wearing my Calvin Klein sports bra and a pair of black vintage high-waisted shorts. For shoes, I chose my acid wash Vans.

Get My Look: 1. A jersey. 2. Black high-waisted shorts. 3. Vans.