STYLE GURU STYLE: Je Ne Suis Pas Sportive

The truth is, I have never been a gym rat. My Nikes have always been used for aesthetic rather than functional running purposes, and my only purpose for hitting the gym has just been to fit into my tight leather jumpsuits again (alas, in vain). Even without sporty tendencies, I constantly find myself being drawn towards sportswear that is both fashionable and relaxed. Alexander Wang has always been a strong supporter of this trend, showing tennis dresses and sneaker-inspired textiles in his spring/summer 2015 ready-to-wear collection. Even though Wang has always been a fashion pioneer, the use of such innovative fabrics made his garments even more futuristic and streamlined. Sportswear has always aimed to be on the cutting edge of technology, making use of the newest materials and silhouettes to enhance performance. In my outfit today, I conversely used it to enhance my style.

Sportswear was extremely popular in the ’90s during the hip hop era, and it inspired silhouettes such as the halter neck crop top that is perfect for exercise. This Forever 21 drawstring top is extremely practical for hot weather, because the open back allows me room to breathe while the high neck has a slimming effect (perhaps not so much on the stomach). I also attempted to mix up my fabric choices with these cool shorts from Style Stalker constructed from perforated pleather in a jogging shorts silhouette, creating a style that is simultaneously slick and sporty. And who could leave out the trusty Nike shoes, obviously in shades of grey?

Get My Look: 1. Black halter neck top. 2. Perforated leather shorts. 3. Nike running shoes.