STYLE GURU STYLE: It's Quite Al-White

If there’s one thing I love about dresses, it’s the fact that they’re so simple. It’s a single piece of clothing that literally works wonders in under 30 seconds. You slip it on and then boom: you’re all set! You can dress it up or dress it down depending on what occasion it is. They’re always so great, especially when it’s hot outside. A dress like the one pictured above is perfect for the summer because it’s light and airy. When the sun’s rays are beating down on your freckled skin, you’ll have nothing to worry about except remembering to apply your sunscreen.

In the Apiece Apart resort 2016 collection, long flowing dresses and skirts are abundant. The designers, Starr Hout and Laura Cramer, are clearly advocates for simple and versatile pieces. Their collection is full of vibrant colors taking the form of solid pieces as well as striped patterns and prints. Fringe is seen on almost each runway look, which includes a few sets of matching separates. I am also loving the major draping going on: it makes each outfit look effortless and ready for a windswept beach photoshoot.

Most of the colors in the Apiece Apart collection are neutrals (aside from the lemon-chartreuse pieces). Therefore, when translating this runway look, I decided to go with a vivid white dress. I adore the mini eyelets on the top and bottom of this vacation-ready frock. The detailing turns this modest white dress into an exciting outfit.

I stayed in the same color family as the collection by sticking to earth-tone sandals with faux snakeskin straps and my favorite tortoise-shell shades. I kept my jewelry to a minimum: when you want something to be the focus of an outfit, let it be. It’s best to limit the accessories when you want your dress/outfit to be the statement piece. That being said, I went with a small floral handbag and matching hot pink bangles (and of course my go-to Kate Spade watch).

When wearing this ensemble, I feel comfortable and trendy at the same time—if that’s not the best combination, then I don’t know what is! And it’s so simple to recreate: you need a cute statement dress, neutral sandals, and just a few accessories!

Get My Look: 1. A white dress. 2. Chunky heeled sandals. 3. A floral handbag. 4. Tortoise-shell sunglasses.