STYLE GURU STYLE: It's Electric, Geometric!

Black? In summer? Believe me, I know how hot it currently is outside, however, there is nothing better than embracing the all black trend right now. This year I have been slowly transitioning to a more bold and neutral palette, which includes black, but I have found it is a tad more difficult when it’s 90 degrees outside. However, Zuhair Murad inspired me to embrace the boldness of black with geometric patterns with his resort 2016 collection. Resort season is a good time to catch a tan and some R&R, similar to summertime, so I see no reason why not to take a peek at Murad’s Resort collection and be inspired for the last few weeks of summer (insert sad face here).

Black is bold. It makes a statement without being over the top and I love it. It’s so simple, yet not at the same time and it will never go out of style. It’s a staple, a classic and here to stay, so why not embrace it now? It creates a good foundation for one’s style and it is easy to then build off of it and test various trends with it as well. Trends including fantastic prints and patterns, such as geometric ones.

In case you couldn’t tell, I’m sporting a skort. Yes a skort, which is a combination of a skirt and shorts. And yes, I am trying to bring back this trend from 2003. Why can’t I be comfortable and stylish all at once? My third grade self would be proud of current me. What makes this skort even better is the geometric pattern. It’s dizzying, but also statement making. It’s fun and I love it and as long as you love it, no one can stop you.

Although I’m a huge fan of black, I also enjoy adding a splash of color here and there. If you took away anything after looking at Murad’s resort collection, you would notice he too is a fan of color. Just because you like to sport a wardrobe of black doesn’t mean you can’t love color as well. I love color in either explosions of it or hints of it, which doesn’t always make sense but it depends on the look. Here I added a hint with a turquoise statement necklace. I decided to complete the look with neutral gold sandals as well. Now I dare you to go test out a black, geometric look this summer, it’ll be fun I promise!

Get My Look: 1. Geometric bottom. 2. Statement necklace. 3. Neutral sandals.