College style is notoriously casual. Either you’re low-maintenance enough to wear pajamas to class or it’s the quintessential college hipster look—spending lots of time and money to make it look like you just rolled out of bed. Mastering that perfectly disheveled, grungy look is an art form and takes more work than many would want you to know. However, having a wardrobe that mostly consists of distressed denim and flannel shirts can make it difficult to feel like you can also experiment with more high end fashion trends. I absolutely love the fur trend that is happening right now, but I struggled with how to incorporate the very formal fur styles that I saw in the Miu Miu spring 2013 ready-to-wear collection into my more casual wardrobe. However, when I found this faux fur coat at Topshop, I knew it was not just for formal events.

To keep myself from looking like I was going to a dinner party in the middle of the day, I paired the coat with some distressed boyfriend jeans. Ripped denim is perfect to pair with any item that you want to make more casual. It immediately gives an outfit a laid back feel and can go with just about anything in your closet.

I cuffed the jeans so that they perfectly skimmed the tops of my boots. This is a great tip to keep in mind when styling boyfriend jeans. It keeps them from looking bunchy when tucked into boots and does not break up the sleek line of your leg, which makes you look taller and creates an elegant silhouette. Dressing down a high end runway trend like fur will make you feel like an off-duty model even when you’re just walking to class.

Get My Look: 1. A glamorous faux fur coat. 2. Distressed boyfriend jeans to keep it casual. 3. Chelsea boots for that Alexa Chung-inspired off-duty model look.