STYLE GURU STYLE: It's all Metal

STYLE GURU STYLE: It's all Metal

One of my favorite trends throughout the evolution of style, whether it’s from the bold ’80s to the more toned down looks of today, would have to be the metallic look. There’s always something more interesting about a look with a little added shimmer.

Saying this, I absolutely loved the new Elie Saab fall 2016 couture line! Not only because he is one of my all time favorite designers, but because it was filled with ethereal floral details and deep, dark colors that really helped set the tone for the whole show. He is one of the best designers when it comes to all the little details, and this collection really showcases his talent. Every outfit had the Midas touch incorporated somewhere on it keeping up with the whole metal trend this year.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Haylee, there’s no way I can go out of the house in something as lavish as that for my day-to-day look!”

Which, unless your last name happens to have a K as the first letter and follows with -ardashian, then chances are you don’t just roll out of bed, throw on your couture outfit and hit the supermarket.

Good news! You don’t have to in order to feel as fabulous as one of those models! It’s all about taking the aspects of the collection that you like and making them more acceptable to wear in every day life!

For example, I of course loved all of the metallic fabrics and accents that he used for this show, but out of fear of looking like a giant walking disco ball, I opted for a more demure look. I love bringing the metallic in through jewelry! By stacking rings and adding bracelets it gives a hint at that style without going overboard. I even found a top and bottom set that had gold zippers! It’s the little hints like these that can help you achieve your look.

Feeling more adventurous? Try adding a metallic gold jacket or a skirt/dress with a fabulous leg slit like many of the models in Saab’s show. Maybe even combine both! Who’s stopping you?

Get My Look: 1. Gather stackable ring sets 2. Any skirt with a leg slit 3. Lace up booties