STYLE GURU STYLE: It's All Black And White To Me

This past semester I traveled around Europe making sure to hit a few of the famous fashion capitals. After living in Florence, although not a fashion capital, but a city greatly influenced by the fashion world, I found myself interested in new designers I never even knew existed. I found myself intrigued by the different European styles that surrounded me in each and every city I visited. One in particular was Paris. I was amazed by the fashion statements made every corner I turned.  Despite never actually watching a live fashion show during fashion week, I have still been influenced by many fashion shows in my everyday style. One that really stood out to me was Christian Dior’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection. Dior presented a twist to the typical French style and paired garments of the same color together.

I decided to focus on the first look that hit the runway and used it as my inspiration. This particular look was a one piece, all-white jumpsuit. Although my look varied from the one that Dior presented on the runway, I admired the eye for neutral colors. It’s not always easy wearing all one color. We usually tend to pull our neutral colored clothes out of the closet when we are trying to play it safe, but never pair them together. My all-black jumpsuit accented with white sequins and sandals seemed to be perfect after seeing this particular style work flawlessly in Dior’s collection on the runway. To complete my look, I added a silver layered necklace. I felt that this particular item completed my adventurous black and white ensemble perfectly.

Get My Look: 1. A black jumpsuit. 2. White sandals. 3. Layered necklace.