Hey there! I hope everyone is having a fabulous summer, full of new experiences and great styles. I know I am. If not, try taking a trip down memory lane, test out your local vintage shops and thrift stores. I’m sure you’ll be surprised by what you find.

So far this summer, since I’ve been working for most of it, I have not had a lot of opportunities to dress up. When my friends call me with plans to go to an event I get really excited because that means I get the break out of my uniform and show off styles that I have been organizing in my head. One of the ideas is my cream` vest. One of my best friend’s bought me this vest from a local Goodwill for an ’80s/’90s party a few months ago, and I haven’t really worn it since. This summer was the perfect opportunity to rock a smart look was inspired by the John Varvatos 2016 menswear show.

I paired this cool wool vest with a pair of black harem pants. I really like harem pants because, they come in many different styles and colors and they are extremely comfortable like sweatpants, but with a more dressed up look. I chose to pair this outfit with a pair of concrete-colored heeled boots. The paint splatters were hand-made in an attempt to revamp and salvage the old boots. I wore a white button-up dress shirt underneath to keep the outfit looking classic and neat. To top it all off, I wore my favorite, a gold set of bangles and a gold ring. I wear gold accessories with just about everything. This neutral colored look is simple yet versatile. It can be worn to an early lunch out on the town or to a late night open mic.

Get My Look: 1. Get a vest. 2. A pair of harem pants, patterned or solid. 3. A buttoned up dress shirt, preferably a long sleeved one.