STYLE GURU STYLE: Inspo From Morocco

July 31st, 2015 at 2:00am

Greetings Fashionistas! Sahana Holla here for your weekly dose of fabulous fashion, and this week I am more than eager to help you myself! The amazing inspiration that designers like Tory Burch and Etro, have been drawing from the Eastern Hemisphere has recently spurred one of the most intriguing and prominent trends on the runway this Fall. So, this week I am showing you how to tailor this trend to look like you are fresh off the plane from Marrakesh. Fasten your seat belts Fashionistas, because this week I am taking you on a vacation to Morocco!

Tory Burch and Etro have made this trend clear in their lines. They have incorporated crazy prints and embroidered, colorful fabrics into their lines to create pieces that are truly eye-catching. Tory Burch showed her take on Moroccan style by utilizing a deep-toned red fabrics with an extensive amount of embroidery and fringe on the edge to create a variety of wrap skirts, sweaters, and dresses. Etro expressed this trend throughout the line by creating a lot of pieces with embroidery, silk, patchwork and Eastern-influenced designs that almost emulate the beautiful, intricate tapestries made in East.

So many bold prints have showed up on the runway recently, yet so many looks involved bundling up in pants, knits and fur to prepare for the upcoming cold weather as we transition into the next season. So, in order to render the look appropriate for the summer heat I decided to go with this colorfully embroidered skirt. To go with a more boho vibe while still keeping the focus on the skirt, I chose to pair it with a white top with some delicate detailing on the arms. For jewelry, I chose a brassy gold necklace, some gold midi rings to decorate my fingers and a studded coral cross-body bag for a pop of extreme color. For the rest of my accessories, I tried to keep it calm with some simple leather booties for a touch of edge, a black hat and some dark sunnies.

Any piece with embroidery, a crazy mix of shades and hues, pattern play or patchwork will do for this look. To create an ensemble that is very appropriate and wearable for everyday street style while still incorporating this trend, I highly suggest centering your look around the “moroccan” piece and pairing it with more toned down pieces. If you feel your look is dull afterwards, try taking more risks with your accessories and adjust it to your liking. And, if you think you look crazy at the end of it, just remember that it is important to take risks with your style and a little confidence is sometimes all you need to turn something from good to great. Good luck Fashionistas, and I hope you now have some inspiration to up your look and take it around the world! See you next week!

Get My Look: 1. Any embroidered skirt. 2. A black hat. 3. Your favorite ankle booties.