STYLE GURU STYLE: Igniting Your Internship Look

Each year as the summers approach, college students prepare for their new and exciting internships. I was luckily able to snag an internship at an amazing event planning company in Chicago that fits my artistic personality very well. The main struggle I had when accepting this internship at first was taking my experimental style and adjusting it to a professional atmosphere where we work with clientele and go on five-star venue tours every other day. In my opinion, what you wear reflects your personality. Although I’m lucky enough to work under people who truly value their interns knowledge, many employers don’t think that way, so the outfits that you wear at your internships will have a huge impact on the impression that you leave with that company.

With all of that nerve-wracking stuff said, take a breath! There’s no reason to fear because I have acquired some awesome tips with inspiration from Proenza Schouler 2016 pre-fall collection. Whether your internship is at a prestigious law firm, writing for a local news station or at a hectic ad agency, these tips will give you the title of a professional in each setting.

The most important rule as Proenza Schouler shows in the 2016 collection is to keep the basis of the outfit solid color with exceptions of the occasion bold prints of course. You’ll want to find a few good pairs of comfortable dress pants, printed and solid colored. Personally, when transitioning my style, especially in this aspect, I prefer to research for a week or so exactly what I need to get and then I bought those awesome separates in bulks of different colors and prints so I wouldn’t have the struggle of worrying about how I can make the pieces I already owned professional and then feeling constricted in that.

The other main essential to making your look as polished as can be is by adding a crisp blazer over a soft colored blouse as Proenza Schouler’s collection shows. While these solid separates may deprive some of your creative styles like mine, you can add on and show off your personality with loads of accessories such as rings, bracelets, necklaces and all of the other essentials to fill your heart’s desire. Although I chose to do a decorative sandal with this look, if you work in a more formal setting, one of my favorite finds during this style transition was my Steve Madden flats. The last piece, which is a must-have for any professional is finding a rad bag that can hold all of your business essentials as well as look the part.

Get My Look: 1. Structured Bag 2. Skinny Ankle Pant 3. Simple Blouse