STYLE GURU STYLE: If You Like It, Wear It

Let’s take a moment to get real honest with one another, none of us are perfect. I am notorious for not reading care labels. Countless garments of mine have been ruined due to lack of proper care. I’m sure I’m not the only one with this fatal flaw. Let us not fret though! I have found how incredibly simple it is to transition a ruined garment into a whole new piece. Hey, if you like it, wear it!

The top I’m featuring was once a dress, until it shrunk. It currently lives in that awkward length thats too short to wear on it’s own. Thankfully for me, wearing dresses with denim have turned into a ’90s tribute-trend in the past couple months. Giambattista Valli’s spring/summer 2015 line features multiple examples of over the top twill dresses paired with a simple black pant underneath. Vogue even named this one of the chicest trends of the new season. We’re in the clear.

Wearing a dress over denim can be rather intimidating. One thing I focus on when trying a new trend is making sure my look always balances itself out. This way, I still feel put together even when the look I’m representing feels outside the box. If you’re new on the dress and denim train, try pairing a flowing short dress with a skinny jean. The shapes will nicely compliment one another. I’ve never liked wearing anything too girly, so I opted for some insanely distressed jeans to balance the delicate florals. I love this look because it screams ’90s grunge, one of my favorite periods in fashion.

Get My Look: 1. Start with a short to mid length breezy dress. 2. Add distressed denim to give your look some edge. 3. Finish it off with some statement jewelry.