STYLE GURU STYLE: I Woke Up Like This, In A Sweater Dress

Comfortable, yet cute—that’s the goal around this time of year with so many of my outfits. I always like finding a simple outfit with a twist on it, something that can catch a person’s eye but still allow you to not be too dressed up. While getting fancy in your outfits is always fun to do, there’s something that makes you feel right at home when being hugged by an oversized sweater.

After seeing Ryan Roche’s fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection, oversized sweaters and more so, “sweater dresses,” became a must-have in my closet for the summer. Taking motivation from these pieces, I found a very lightweight and breathable oversized sweater that is perfect for lounging in this summer. What I’ve realized is that most people assume sweaters, oversized sweaters in particular, are usually very heavy, which make them not prime for summer wearing. On the contrary, there are sweaters that are made out of material that can be extremely thin, making them perfect for those cozy summer lounge sessions with your girlfriends. I wore it more as a sweater dress, but used the same pastel family that you find in the Roche collection that inspired the outfit. Take the dress and let it slouch over one shoulder to have an even more chic, “I woke up like this” look.

To achieve this look, I used low-cut ankle booties that are a dark tan to still stay in the neutral color palette. Using low-cut booties makes your legs elongate since they have a small wedge heel but at the same time, doesn’t look too dressed up like a 4” heel might. I then also used a very thin camisole and pair of shorts since I realized this particular sweater is extremely sheer. Even so, wearing the under garments gives you some safety when moving around (especially if it’s sunny outside) but doesn’t become too noticeable in your outfit. This also gives you the freedom to tuck the sweater in the front for a more polished look if you need to get somewhere more formal than just hanging out with your closest friends. Oversized sweater turned sweater dress can keep things comfy and appealing, all the while letting you lounge around in style.

Get My Look: 1. An oversized sweater large enough to pass as a dress, or an actual sweater dress. 2. A low-cut ankle bootie. 3. A thin camisole. 4. A pair of shorts for underneath.