STYLE GURU STYLE: I Like You, Culotte

It has been a rainy dreary few weeks here in Columbus. When the sun decides to hide behind the thick clouds and the rain pours down all anyone wants to do is curl up in those oh so cozy sweats and binge watch Netflix. Don’t let a little drizzle fizzle your outfit options people! I know what you’re thinking, why bother when I am just going to carry on through my day with soggy feet and frizzy hair? Don’t you fret, you lost soul. By putting on some sassy pants it’ll instantly uplift your mood and help you ignore that unpleasant weather that’s keeping you from soaking up all the summer rays.

Speaking of sassy pants, culottes have made their way into my heart as one of my favorite silhouettes for pants. Some are skeptical of them though, maybe it is the length, or the wonderful flare of the leg. Don’t let the fear of the crop keep you from donning these pants people! They can be totally flattering and leg lengthening and who doesn’t want that? The Whistles resort 2016 collection proves this point just so well.They incorporate clean lines, decadent yet fun rich colors and flowy details in the collection which is also chalk full of, you guessed it, culottes. They give a classic yet modern approach to the line, mixing style of the ’70s with modern touches making the culotte look fresh and new.

For me, myself and I, I chose to mix some decades with the silhouette of the ’70s but I brought back the ’90s at the same time with my culottes being of the overall variety. These bad boys are great for lack luster weather because they are cropped so no more wet pant hems dragging us down. They also are all of the kinds of comfortable, with their light weight and flowy nature they are perfect for that day when you don’t want to get dressed up but still want to look totally chic and put together. I kept my the rest of my look minimal, all that is needed here is a simple layered chain necklace, a bag to hold all my goodies (a.k.a. snacks), chunky booties and some purple lipstick to bring this rainy day look together.

This look can be super flattering if you find a pair that suits your leg length. The key is to find one that isn’t too long and not too short for you. If you find that sweet spot for length and pair with a leg lengthening shoe, you too can look like a super model strutting your stuff down the street.

Get My Look: 1: Some killer culottes 2: A graphic crop top 3: Go big or go home booties