Every Fashionista needs her downtime. That doesn’t mean that we can’t be fashionable while we relax. Victoria Barlett’s workout-ready pre-fall line gave me inspiration to show my personal style with lounge and workout wear. Barlett’s line gives the active Fashionista fashion inspiration that she can take to the gym, but after the sweat dries, she can wear the outfit all day on Saturday to do a little window shopping. Barlett’s collection features leggings that help show off a Fashionista’s figure, but they are still breathable. The VPL collection features pieces that can be matched and worn together for a complete look and some comfy, slouchy silhouettes.

In my look, I take my love for the Victoria’s Secret PINK clothing line to make a cute, sporty outfit. I have at least five pairs of their yoga leggings and various varsity jerseys in different colors. Victoria’s Secret’s yoga leggings are a coveted part of my closet because I can wear them basically anywhere. From class to the gym, these leggings can stand it all. I love the color and the lines on the outside of the legs. I coordinate the leggings with a cool gray V-neck. I tie the jersey around my hips when I want to remove a layer during the day. These elements are fashion essentials for me.

This is a look I can wear out for a quick brunch on Saturdays and go straight to see my nail tech or stylist. I accessorize with a bright colored watch and my favorite Nike Roshe sneakers.These sneakers are particularly trendy right now because of all the amazing patterns the upper sole can be seen in. They are my go-to, everyday shoe. They might be a tad bright for the average Fashionista, but I think they are just right for my eccentric style. This look is easy and perfect for any day of the week.

Get My Look: 1. The perfect yoga leggings. 2. A cool V-neck. 3. Comfy Nike sneakers.