STYLE GURU STYLE: I Dream Of Jean-ie

Every decade had its own thing going on as far as wardrobes. The 1950s brought simple shift dresses and beehives. The ’60s spoke to its hippie era with boho chic clothes made with flowing fabrics. The 1980s? Disco of course! Bring on the bellbottom pants and power suits with even bigger hair.

The Bally resort 2016 collection really conjured up images of a classic #throwbackthursday for me. The collection manages to throw a modern twist on all things vintage, including pieces tributing the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s. With the bright, eye-catching colors, it’s hard to take your eyes off this sweet collection.

I was particularly inspired by look five in the collection. I loved the vintage feel of the button-down dress complete with the fringe and the denim-like material.

I translated the look with a denim dress of my own. I decided to give the outfit my own take on boho-chic by throwing on a black, woven hat. The braided belt helps break up the monochromatic element of the dress while also giving it some shape. A swipe of red lipstick also worked to add some color to the outfit.

I accessorized with simple jewelry: a Lily and Laura bracelet, a cheetah-print, geometric bangle, brown and turquoise jeweled earrings and a pair of vintage shades. I completed the outfit with a pair of suede, wedged boots.

Get My Look: 1. A denim, button-down dress. 2. A black Panama hat. 3. A few Lily and Laura bracelets. 4. Vintage sunglasses. 5. A pair of killer wedged boots.