March 24th, 2016 at 2:10am

Very feminine, very structured, very sophisticated, very chic, with a pop of color—very Dior.

The fall/winter ’16 Dior collection that just premiered in in last week’s Paris Fashion Week was long awaited, as it was the first collection to be shown since the shocking departure of the fashion house’s iconic creative director, Raf Simons. The in-house design team has since taken over, and by the looks of their premiere collection, they have managed to stay true to the brand’s legacy with the signature feminine flare, chic collars and suiting, attention to detail and all of the girly-yet-professional sophistication that Dior stands for. Black was the dominating color in this collection (luckily for me), and the pops of color that Dior usually brings to the runway were minimal and muted, although still present.

I decided to translate my interpretation of the latest Dior collection into an everyday Parisian-chic look, incorporating the most important aspects of the collection. The structure of a well-tailored, white button-down came first and foremost, underneath a simple LBD. That’s really all there is to the core look. What I love about Dior is that simplicity is key. High fashion doesn’t always necessarily mean over-the-top extravagance, and there is something so beautiful and feminine about the simplicity of a black midi dress with a pop of color or just a very well-tailored jacket—it’s the detail that’s captivating.

That’s why Dior is my favorite high fashion house and what I wanted to incorporate into this look: femininity and simplicity with attention to detail. Ever heard of the quote made famous by Leonardo da Vinci, “simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication”? It’s true.

Get My Look: 1. Silk, black LBD thrown over a crisp, white button-down. 2. A statement necklace. 3. A pop-of-color accessory. 4. A pair of neutral Manolos to finish the look.