STYLE GURU STYLE: Hop on the Bandanna Bandwagon

February 22nd, 2017 at 2:10am
STYLE GURU STYLE: Hop on the Bandanna Bandwagon

Bandannas are officially back in style, Fashionistas. Can I get an amen? Becoming one of the hottest trends in festival fashion this summer (thanks, Coachella), bandannas are now making the transition from festival wear to everyday street style.

Seen on many influential celebrities and fashion bloggers, bandanas are the perfect way to add detail into an outfit no matter if you’re striving for an edgy or more feminine look. Want a more feminine look? Make the switch from a cheap traditional bandanna to a white silk scarf. Want a more edgy look? Stick with a traditional bandanna in a bold color, like the red bandanna I styled in this look.

Bandannas also rock because they are effortless to work with and cost around $2. They are ultimately a piece of fabric you can manipulate into many different styles and shapes. When it comes to styling bandannas, you can keep the ends longer like I styled mine or cut them shorter so they look more like a detailed end to a choker. I styled my scarf directly down the center for a symmetrical appearance to my outfit, but I’ve seen a lot of girls on campus wear them with the knot to the side of the neck as well. Tight around the neck or loose—both ways are acceptable to accessorize.

Since I was going for an edgier look, I paired my bandanna with one of my favorite band T-shirts and cropped jean shirts. My ripped high-waisted boyfriend jeans and velvet booties detailed with a square heel completed my retro-inspired vibe.

All in all, the ways to style bandannas are limitless and not only restricted to neck wear. Adorn a purse or tie your bandanna as a headband to pull hair back. No matter how you style it, jump on the bandwagon and accessorize for cheap!