With the temperatures dropping drastically, I love to resort to sweaters and layering up. I loved the Alexander Wang spring 2015 ready-to-wear runway look as he incorporated holes into giving it a little more texture. The color and texture went perfect together because the white kept it simple and the small holes gave it the right amount of texture without making the look too complicated.

Therefore, I decided to somehow put those two together and wore a white sweater with ripped holes in it. The color gives the look simplicity while the holes add some texture as well as a grungy type of vibe. Then to finish it off, I added an infinity scarf and combat boots. I think combat boots are a great pair of shoes to have because they can easily be worn with most outfits. An infinity scarf is something I think everyone should own at least one of because they are super stylish and can make a big difference in keeping you warm. All scarves are great, but what I love most about the infinity scarf is that you can just throw it over your head and that’s it!

Since the outfit shows off a specific style, it’s very easy to change up by switching up the scarf color, wearing different colored combat boots or even completely different boots. If you are not a grungy type of person, it can also be changed to a more elegant style by incorporating more colors such as red hues.

Get My Look: 1. An infinity scarf, but make sure it matches the outfit. 2. Sweater. 3. Combat boots.