STYLE GURU STYLE: Holes Holes Holes

No matter how many times your grandparents have to let you know that you have holes in your jeans, they will never go out of style. Whether it’s one hole or 20 holes, someone always comments, but no worries, holes are in. Here is one of my favorite fashion pairings: ripped jeans, a bomber jacket, Converse, and a choker.

A lot of my style consists of chokers, Converse, black shirts, black shirts, and more black shirts. I feel as if Converse can be worn anytime of the year whether its during a hot summer day or a colder winter day. This particular basic black shirt is from Forever 21. Although you can’t see it, the back has an open style to it where a cute lace bra can be seen through. This top is particularly cute in the summer with jean shorts and sandals, and is also good in the winter with bomber jackets.

I got these jeans from Target. They always have a large assortment of jeans from any style you’re looking for, while not spending more than you budgeted. They also have assortments of clothes for every season that will always somehow end up in your shopping cart. This simple, gold choker is from Forever 21. I feel as if you can pair a choker with many outfits to easily jazz them up a little bit. You can catch me with a pair of Converse on and a bomber no matter what the season is. They are both very versatile and very comfy for any occasion on your schedule.