Fashion trends come and go like seasons. I find it very interesting to think about how many times a single trend will come back and disappear throughout a lifetime. A trend that I have noticed reappearing is flared pants and flared jeans. Not that they have ever really disappeared or have gone out of style, but they simply just fell off the radar. For a long time, skinny or straight-legged pants have been the craze. I noticed the flare pants trend in the Balenciaga resort 2016 collection featuring Alexander Wang.

This collection describes each outfit being pretty versatile to weather changes and various events. For example, there are a lot of classic pieces with shape and structure, and room to breath. Therefore, you can wear those items of clothing basically anywhere. That is why I believe flared pants are a great trend to come back during the transition from summer to fall. A specific look that I loved from this collection happened to be look number 20. It inspired me to pair my printed flare pants with a simple crop top and a pair of blue wedges.

Since my pants have such a unique print, I decided to keep the top plain and simple.  I did not want to take away from the pants, simply because they were the main part of the outfit. I admired how the model looked taller, and how her legs appeared elongated. That is why I chose to wear a pair of blue wedges to mimic this look. My flared pants were high-waisted, which also made my legs appear to be longer.

Get My Look: 1. Crop top. 2. Flared Pants. 3. Blue Wedges.