STYLE GURU STYLE: High Waists And High Heels

Although it is only February, the pre-fall 2015 lines are out, and I absolutely loved Marni‘s runway looks. The outfits focus on the illusion of a slim figure and create this physique by having the waist and focal point of the look higher on each of the outfits with the addition of a belt. Half of the collection features monochromatic color schemes with pseudo-masculine touches, such as a wider trouser leg and oversized sweaters. These looks for the fall are in natural tones with large additions of color and texture, all while paired with a chic high-heeled bootie. The collection also features buttoned-up collars and double breasted jackets that will go perfectly in the chilled autumn weather.

My version of Marni’s runway looks was toned down from the original collection, as I am not normally one to wear floor length multi-colored fur or knee-length plaid boots. I paired my favorite button-down tucked into a skirt which I wore higher on my torso. This pairing created a smaller waist and the appearance of longer legs.

By looking at this collection, I was able to pair pieces in my closet that had never been worn together in a way that created a slimmer figure. Though the original collection does not place emphasis on accessories, my personal taste always gravitates towards anything that sparkles and, to fix this, I added a statement necklace.

Get My Look: 1. A fitted chambray shirt. 2. A statement necklace. 3. A pair of high heel booties.