STYLE GURU STYLE: High Necklines and Low Hems

The winter brings its fair share of snow and ice, and also a lack of inspiration for those like me who miss the vibrant colors of the spring and summer. Luckily, New York Fashion Week arrived and inspired me in more ways than I can put into words. Of the several shows that I live streamed or viewed on Vogue Runway, my favorite had to be the fall 2016 Menswear collection by Todd Snyder. His collection featured plenty of trench coats paired with turtlenecks, button-ups and sweaters. Although the looks were nowhere near revolutionary, they were at least, to me, in this time where putting together an outfit can be a daunting task.

Todd Snyder inspired me to put together an outfit that was reminiscent of his collection but, of course, reflected my own style. To start it off, I put on a horizontally color-blocked turtleneck that featured a black portion at the bottom. I decided to pair it with black jeans to balance how formal the coat I wore was. The trench coat I wore was a recent thrift store pickup that pulled all of the colors in the outfit together, featuring a speckled exterior that brought texture to the look. As far as accessories go, I chose to put on a silver watch I picked up from a recent trip that contrasts all of the dark colors featured in the rest of the outfit. To finish the look, I put on my current favorite pair of shoes. The creeper style of the oxfords give the look that little bit of edge while still staying formal, and the all-black color scheme ties it into the pants that give it a sleek appearance.

Everywhere I go, I am constantly looking for inspiration with my looks, but the arrival of New York Fashion Week always reinvigorates the fire within me to stay creative and be constantly coming up with new ways to put together the pieces I already own. For that, I am happy and can not wait to incorporate elements of my favorite collections into my daily wardrobe.

Get My Look: 1. Turtleneck. 2. Black jeans. 3. Trench coat. 4. Shoes.