STYLE GURU STYLE: High Fashion on the Hill

Going from runway to office hallway is not the smoothest transition, but with a little creative interpretation and imagination, I brought high fashion to Capitol Hill. I took my main inspiration from the Japanese brand Anrealage, looking mainly at the spring 2016 collection. This collection focused on a primarily black and white palette, balancing disarming edu looks with more convention ready-to-wear work style attire.

These days, I’m a Fashionista at work, so I decided to capture the fashion of Anrealage in my daily work style. I can’t force myself into a plain skirt and blazer combo. Instead, I took on the structured, checkered and monochromatic components and made it professional.

My skirt ties back most readily to the runway trend, with the hard lines of a checker print offset by the softly swaying skirt. I found many variations of this look in stores and had to stop myself from buying every black and white combination.

The blazer is unconventional, though it’s not immediately visible. Rather than a standard folded collar, this one is meant to have a popped collar, which brings not only allows for it to stand out, but makes the look more reminiscent of the high-necked outfits from Anrealage. Plus, it helps absorb a little sweat on the hot metro rides to the city.

One of the biggest parts of the Anrealage show was the tech component in which the flashes from lights and camera phones brought plain dresses to life, exposing the subtle patterns underneath. I tried to incorporate some tech of my own and have jumped on the Apple watch bandwagon. The high-tech still pairs well with the lower tech accessories for well-integrated look.

For all the high fashion presented in the Anrealage show, the shoes leaned more towards the conventional side, with classic heel shapes. I was happy to find that I had a heel with an ankle strap and figured why not keep the inspiration going from head to toe.

A high-tech designer working to bring new life to classic looks strikes a cord with me, the millennial seeking out modern classics.

Get My Look: 1. A soft gingham or plaid skirt. 2. An edgy blazer. 3. A strappy heel. 4. High-tech accessories. 5. A chic pair of shades.