STYLE GURU STYLE: Hide Those Legs!

There is something to be said about the feeling of mystery. It is haunting, terrifying and all around edgy. That is a large reason why I thoroughly enjoy wearing long dresses, aside from feeling free and breezy. My legs remain a mystery.

In the resort 2016 line brought to you by the one and only Stella McCartney, crisp shades of creamy dresses were shown through perfection and class. There was an obvious theme of solid colored and lengthy dresses displayed. If my readers have seen any of my previous articles, they’ll know that I love a nice collar, framing the neck and shoulders. Most of the models were fashioning dresses that seemed to lay on them in a not-so-conforming style.

This specific fashion show stood out to me because of the comfort these models seemed to be in. Unlike a typical bikini model, the outfits they modeled allowed a stress-free tummy. Paired with thin detailing and backless gowns, Stella McCartney successfully welcomed the 2016 year.

If I may make an assumption, most ladies love to feel like a Valentino model on a college budget. It is a hard task to achieve, but with the right pairings and choices in accessories, it can be executed. When I found this crochet dress in a little boutique with a French name, I fell in love. Although it was slightly out of my price range, I realized that the money I set aside for spring break was of no use when my dreams of being a stereotypical college kid in Cabo were shattered. So there I was, purchasing a crisp monochromatic lengthy dress that made me feel like a model.

Aside from the nice dress, I let my family know that something I had realized from being in Greek life for my sophomore year of college is that every sorority girl needs a designer bag to fashion on a classy date or a girl’s night out. I have never been a designer freak, but I enjoy having a few nice go-to items to spice up an outfit. My bright Michael Kors bag was a much appreciated birthday gift that helps fit in to the summer season.

I made Stella McCartney’s newest look my own by pairing a cream dress with a bold accessory. Although it is a trend to wear white on white on white, I am a Style Guru who enjoys being bright.

Get My Look: 1. Long dress. 2. Designer purse. 3. Comfy sandals.