STYLE GURU STYLE: Halter Style Necklines

Currently, one of my favorite trends is the halter neck crop top trend. These particular crop tops give a lot of shape to the silhouette while still remaining flattering on many different body types. Halter neck crop tops can easily be paired with high or low-waisted shorts (depending on how much skin you would like to expose). Regardless of your personal preference as to how to wear halter neck crop tops, these shirts will be considered a staple article of clothing in the upcoming season.

The Michael Kors collection did a fabulous job with the latest resort 2016 collection. My favorite look of the collection was look 14. The model is wearing a burnt orange diamond checkered bathing suit. The bottoms are high-waisted while the top is a halter neck crop top. The interesting part of this swimsuit is the bathing suit bottoms have greater coverage than the bathing suit top, which exposes a large portion of the model’s midsection. I like the flow of this look and how there is a direction to the outfit.

The outfit I put together is my summer spin on this two-piece set. First of all, I loved the bold pattern of the bathing suit. In my outfit I kept the bold pattern, but I changed the pattern and color from “diamond and burnt orange” to “floral and light blue”. The halter neckline of my dress provides length and curvatures to the outfit, just like the halter neckline and high waistline does in the runway look. Light blue looks great on anyone with a tan, and even better for those that have more porcelain complexions; which makes my outfit universal for any skintone. Also, I kept the sandals matching the outfit, as they are a few tones darker than the light blue—like the model is wearing. Additionally, I paired the elephant bracelet with the outfit to establish a range in the blue palette. Even though this outfit is not a two-piece “halter neck crop top and high waisted shorts” combination, much inspiration can be drawn from this runway look to make it perfect for summertime.

Get My Look: 1. Halter neck patterned dress. 2. Dark colored sandals. 3. A fun, matching bangle.