STYLE GURU STYLE: The Guide to Finals

My inner Carrie Bradshaw is asking a ton of questions. Why is it that girls always stress about the perfect outfit to wear? Why do we have to look presentable all the time? And the most relatable Carrie Bradshaw question—what shoes go best with my outfit? For some reason finding the perfect pair is the hardest part of completing any outfit, and trust me, I have plenty of options!

Everyone’s least favorite time of the semester has begun. Finals week. I do not know about you, but it is hard enough to focus in a chaotic dorm building without the temptation of sitting outside and relaxing with your friends. All I can say is I am glad this semester is over, and I hope next semester takes a long time to come around! The hardest part of this finals week is trying to decide if it was worth the effort to wear fashionable clothes, or if I would be better off throwing on a pair of crop leggings and spend extra time in the library.

I chose to combine my desperate need for a comfortable outfit with my desire to look presentable. I put my Fashionista skills to work and came up with a cute yet comfortable outfit. A romper is my all time go-to spring outfit! What is easier than throwing on a romper? You get the convenience of a wearing dress—one piece of clothing, so you don’t have to stress about how your outfit matches—with the luxury of shorts! My outfit was tied together with the subtle black hints I added. I made sure to wear black shoes to go along with the black bralette along side my black choker. The sporadic pieces of black drew your eyes around my outfit from head to toe!

I opted for a subtle, natural makeup look with my new favorite nude smart shade butter kiss lip stick from Almay, with just a touch of blush. I chose to pair this casual romper with a black lace bralette and trendy accessories! I layered two chokers, one with an elephant charm and the other a Greek hamsa hand. I added a couple of rings, along with my favorite pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses. 

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to write for CollegeFashionista. If anyone is looking for a fun internship involving fashion and writing, this one’s for you! I hope everyone enjoys their summer break; check back next semester for more fashion dos and don’ts!