I am a complete ‘90s chick. Chunky shoes, flannel and grunge music are my favorites to name a few. When I saw Faith Connexion’s pre-fall 2016 line, I was intrigued. The collection combined grungy ‘90s aspects sugh as flannel and distressed jeans paired with a striped top. The collection also appeared to pay homage to the ‘80s with form fitting and flower adorned cocktail dresses. Everything beside the dresses was oversized, even down to the clown style shoes that all the models had on their feet. I was in love.

The grunge look is always fun to experiment with because it’s hard to go wrong. There are so many different textures and patterns that you can layer to create your own unique look.

I opted for a more toned down and campus friendly version of the looks in this collection. I went with a classic red and black plaid oversized flannel for the top. Unfortunately, I do not own any clown shoes so I settled for second best, my own version of clown shoes, known lovingly as the “Frankenstein shoes.”

For my bottoms, I chose to wear sweater tights to give the look a more grungy feel with black elastic shorts over top. My army green bag covered in buttons screams ‘90s, but wanted to accent it with a bright green ring that hints at the ‘80s style, also shown in the Faith Connexion collection. I topped it all off with oversized sunglasses to give a modern touch to the whole ensemble.

Get My Look: 1. A red flannel 2. Chunky shoes 3. Army green bag