STYLE GURU STYLE: Grunge Alter Ego

The Marc Jacobs fall 2016 ready-to-wear collection is simply amazing. Marc definitely didn’t pull back with this one. Pulling a ton of inspiration from this collection, I’ve translated his dark, goth runway looks into my own personal style. I was immediately intrigued by this collection, completely pulled in by the grungy goth attire covered in black with pops of color here and there. It was as equally surprising, as it was intriguing. There was something about the oversized clothes, messy black eyeliner, black lipstick and huge goth platform boots that got me so inspired. I had to pull out my alter ego for this particular look—the girl who’s much more edgy and loves unique collections like this.

This outfit is definitely a little more edgy than what I would normally wear on a daily basis, but it still embodies me at the same time! I’ve been able to pick up the grunge vibe from the collection and incorporate it into this look. To start off, I wanted to keep in theme by wearing all black. Since my look isn’t exactly going full goth like the collection portrays, wearing all black definitely gave my outfit more edge, as opposed to adding in color.

I wore a simple flowy black top that extends longer in the back, but ended up tucking it in for this specific look. It was perfect to wear during the heat with its lightweight and thin material. Then, I paired the top with tight black skinny jeans, continuing the all black theme. Tucking in my shirt also exposed the top of my jeans, giving a ‘90s grunge vibe while also elongating the look of my legs. As for shoes, it was my favorite part of the outfit. In Marc Jacobs’ collection, you can see that he went with the extremely tall chunky platform boots. Although, I thought the high platform boots were a really cool goth touch, I opted for something more wearable on my end. I paired my outfit with faux leather platform boots I recently purchased from H&M. It was perfect for this look. The zipper and strap on the sides give it a rocker feel.

To kick it up a notch, I added a studded wristband. It’s something I normally wouldn’t wear, but it really pulled the look together. Plus, I really wanted to stay true to the grungy, rocker attire. I wore my black Michael Kors Selma Saffiano leather satchel to top it all off. As for makeup, my lipstick was the only pop of color I wanted in my entire look. I opted for Colourpop’s Ultra Matte Lip in “Are N Be,” which is a rich and deep mauve, plum shade. A splash of color, but still bold!

Get My Look: 1. Simple Black Flowy Top. 2. Black Skinny Jeans. 3. Platform Boots. 4. Leather Satchel