If I had to limit my wardrobe to three items, I might explode. Then again, I would love to drag out my youth in a pair of distressed overalls, any green top and comfortable flats. Similar in style, but far from ordinary, I meshed two different looks together to create my ultimate uniform where one look stems from Sea’s pre-fall 2015 collection and the other is from No. 21’s resort 2016 collection.

Inspired by Tyrolean influences, Sean Monahan and Monica Poalini, designers of Sea, built their collection around hand-distressed, quilted and embroidered denim overalls, gauchos and hoodies. Monahan comments, “Since we aren’t a ‘denim line,’ we have to make it special.” Seeing as overalls are a main staple to my wardrobe, there’s no room for basic knockoffs and just like Sea, I take pride in manipulating fabrics to create “special” pieces of my own.

As for tops, lime, teal or emerald, it makes no difference what shade I choose because when I wear green, I always feel like an alluring temptress. Not only because it enhances light eye colors or because it pops against most any skin tone, but because green is the color of life. Alessandro Dell’Acqua, designer of No. 21, nailed relaxed-chic in slouchy dresses, bold patterns and bright emerald pieces. His line screams vitality with overflowing energetic items suited perfectly for up-and-coming young adults.

Taking a page from No. 21, I chose to wear a light knit emerald sweater with royal purple trim. For a cozy vintage approach, I revived an old pair of overalls with some bleach and a crafty pair of scissors. The texture of the crochet sweater mirrored against the fraying on the overalls gives the outfit the raw character Sea aspired to create within their line. Tempted to bring back the late ‘90s in search of my younger years, I added a pair of multicolored striped slip-on Keds and a dimpled gold ring.

Get My Look: 1. A pair of light denim overalls. 2. Any long sleeve green top. 3. Striped slip-on flats.