STYLE GURU STYLE: Grasping The Edge

If you like to keep a little bit of edge in your style, you have to check out the pre-fall 2015 runway show by Sass & Bide. Their garments have a simplicity that allows for great mixing and matching while still embodying a touch of edge that gives it a unique flavour that I adore. I absolutely love the leather, fur, fringe and embellishments that are seen on many of their garments.

I took the idea of simple garments with a touch of edge to create this look. To start, I used the basic elements taken from look four of the show: a black blouse, textured jeans with a pattern and booties.

These jeans are definitely my favourite part of the look. They are a deep purple in colour with a flocked damask pattern. They are unique, fun and make a great statement piece to keep in your wardrobe for days when you want that garment with a little something extra. They give the all-black look a focal point and add some interest.

Next, I added a warm blazer with leather detailing because frankly, wearing only a sheer blouse will not do in a Canadian winter! Not to mention, it’s super cute and brings some edge to the look. For my own warmth, I added leather gloves to match the leather details on the blazer and a fedora hat. These accessories also really add to the look. They’re both stylish and practical!

I love how simple the basis of this look is. How much personality is added with the unexpected details on the pieces is what give them their extra bit of edge. It is an effortless outfit that anybody can achieve! Maybe edgy isn’t your thing? Swap out the leather details for floral accents to give the look a girly makeover! This look is so easy and so applicable to anybody’s wardrobe! Why not give it a try?

Get My Look: 1. A simple black blouse. 2. Patterned jeans with texture. 3. A loose-fitting edgy blazer.