STYLE GURU STYLE: Gothic Victoriana

Rodarte’s spring 2016 ready to-wear collection is bringing back the Victorian trend with a gothic twist; Think Mary Poppins meets Wednesday Addams. The runway featured gaudy jewelry paired with layers of black lace and sequins.

According to, this collection was inspired by the Victorian poetry the Rodarte sisters read while listening to heavy, British rock music. I love how the look is a symbol of how fashion is a fabrication (literally) of literature and music. In an essence, it demonstrates how fashion can effortlessly weave other forms of art and culture together.

Bringing this trend to life within my own wardrobe was fairly simple, as I have actually worn gothic Victoriana outfits a couple times in the past. I’ve always been inspired by the Victorian period in both my outfit and literary choices. Therefore, it was a lot of fun to wear this look while pretending to be a heroine in a dark Victorian novel modeled after my life (which is not dark in the slightest). The foundation of this outfit is the pairing of my quarter- inch sleeve black lace dress paired with similar black lace tights. On their own, the lace duo make for a ladylike look until they meet my black wedge sneakers. The sneakers are great for bringing some extra edge to more delicate pieces.

Next, I decided to incorporate the statement jewelry that is a trademark of Rodarte’s collection. I went for a layered pearl necklace and a statement floral ring with a pearl in the middle that matches the necklace. Pearls are Victorian in nature, but these ashy gray ones really bring home a gothic persona; plum-colored lipstick makes the look even darker. To bring some light to the outfit, I am carrying my rhinestone kate spade purse which is a nice, pastel pink color.

Get My Look: 1. A black lace dress that is classy, yet bold. 2. Some black lace tights you can never go wrong with 3. A gaudy, glam necklace.