STYLE GURU STYLE: Goth a la Mode

When I was a high school senior, I read Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita. Well, I tried to, at least. It’s not that the novel wasn’t intriguing, because it certainly was; the narrator was undeniably hilarious (in a creepy sort of way), and the prose was beautiful. There wasn’t anything not to like about the book, but day after day, I found myself falling into the deep, dark pits of senioritis. It was as if my brain refused to process anything related to second semester homework. Instead of keeping up with independent AP reading assignments, I became attatched to my cell phone, constantly switching between my two favorite apps at the time—Gmail and Twitter. I eagerly checked my virtual inbox for college acceptance (or rejection) letters, and when I felt that my slacking senior self didn’t deserve such torture, I would tweet harangues to my followers’ dismay. So, as I sit here reflecting on the whole situation, I’m sure it’s completely understandable why I never got past page 54 of the 20th century classic: 100 percent unadulterated laziness.

Today, I call myself a senioritis survivor as I stand taller and less lazy than ever; I’ve even considered starting Lolita again, but let’s be real—Nabokov’s novel and the Victorian-era inspired trend I’m showcasing in the photos above have little to do with each other. I just needed a really good intro paragraph. (But if someone’s willing to send me a nice, free copy of the book, I promise to read it. I swear.)

This week, I’ve fallen for Giambattista Valli’s fall 2015 couture collection; many of the pieces that flowed down the runway would naturally fit in the closet of your late ’90s, gothic Lolita girl, who resides in the Harajuku district of Tokyo. Although last Monday I noted that Alexander Wang’s fall 2015 ready-to-wear line had gothic and Lolita influences, the threads of the collection didn’t express any obvious femininity. In stark contrast, Valli’s collection has very Victorian-esque qualities, displayed through frilly tutus and light dyes.

Channeling the runway’s feminine gothicism, I’ve paired a strapless, black crop top with my favorite buy of the moment—a lace midi skirt that has a solid black slip underneath, effortlessly creating a rebellious, antique look. To give the ensemble a “modern” twist, I wore a pair of almost-clubmasters and an oversized denim jacket. My ’90s tattoo bracelet and yin-yang necklace match my trusty pint-sized Jansport. The ensemble is completed with my favorite leather sandals.

Get My Look: 1. Lace-detailed skirt. 2. Your favorite outerwear garment. 3. A low-key top that complements your awesome skirt.