Fashionistas: this time I’m showing off my personal style!  Remember my Style Guru Bio where I categorized my street style as chic meets classic that always makes a statement?  Well, I stayed true to this in the outfit I’m wearing in the pictures, so let’s get right to it!

First things first…the shirtdress. The shirtdress has been around for several seasons, been worn by all the major celebrities and hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down or going out of style. Often in denim and never overdone, the shirtdress is an easy and comfortable garment to throw on in a hurry (while still looking fabulous) or for a warm day, as I have done. This would fall under the chic category as it is very of-the-moment.  The shirtdress is usually paired with a belt—any type will do—to accentuate the waist.  I’ve chosen a yellow one with heart cutouts to go with my gold jewelry.

Next the jewelry. An important thing to note is to try and have all the jewelry in a single outfit match, meaning it’s all gold or all silver or all from a particular designer collection.  This brings cohesion to a look and focus to the accessories, rather than drawing the wrong kind of attention for mismatched pieces that would look better separate. I chose to wear multi-hoop earrings, a bow ring, and a fox face ring all in gold. The earrings are the statement-making piece of my ensemble; the eye immediately goes to this brightly colored, unique accessory. The rings were simply on a whim; why have one when you can have two?

Finally, the patent leather pumps.  Every woman needs to own black and nude heels. They go with everything, and they’ll never go out of style. This is the classic piece of my outfit for this reason, and it gives the look a more sophisticated appearance. Let’s face it, heels are the cutest kind of shoe to wear.

For some advice, please remember the following: the shirtdress is always an easy choice, try to match all the jewelry in a single outfit so it looks cohesive, and every woman needs black and nude heels.