I would normally describe my wardrobe as colorful statement pieces with a little bit of preppy mixed in, but it is now infusing with the European trends here in Florence, Italy. My Neiman Marcus blouses, Anthropologie shirts and TOBI dresses are now tossed in the back of my closet and replaced with my new Zara sweater, H&M suede booties (the stores are so much better in Europe) and the brown shawl that I bargained for with a street vendor in my pathetic attempt at Italian.

My new shawl is reminiscent of Tadashi Shoji’s spring 2015 runway collection. The heavy motif of capes, shawls, and draping layers has now trickled down to even the most remote street vendors. It remains practical for the cold weather yet stylish.

Similar to Shoji’s collection, the everyday street styles in Florence are almost entirely neutral colors. The shades of black, brown and gray are the most prevalent. It is trendy here to layer different pieces and then pair them with a lot of accessories and details. Even if the individual pieces being worn aren’t exactly cute or anything special, the way people pair things makes any outfit intriguing and flattering. All I can do is observe and wonder how they pulled it off.

As my time here continues, my goal is to build up my closet with fun, flattering and unique pieces. I aim to incorporate the European style by mastering their layering techniques in order to find the right combination of clothing to make some impressive outfits. Runway collections such as Tadashi Shoji’s will also act as good inspiration.

Here, I am wearing that brown shawl that I stumbled upon at a street stall paired with a black long sleeve turtleneck from Nordstrom, black Joe’s Jeans and tall leather riding boots from ALDO. Atop my head are Ray-Ban look alike sunglasses from Forever 21. Not only was I warm in the chilly Florence weather, but the neutral colors and unusual silhouette of the shawl had me feeling especially Florentine for the day.

In light of that mood, I took advantage of the day by exploring the Galleria degli Uffizi, a world-renowned Museum in Florence that houses famous art such as The Birth of Venus and Spring by Boticelli. I also walked through the Cathedral and climbed the 500 stairs to the top of the dome for the most breathtaking view of the city. I think it’s safe to say that I’m going to like this place and the fashions that are permeating my wardrobe.

Get My Look: 1. A tan shawl 2. Basic black leggings 3. Classic leather boots 4. Sunglasses