By this time of year, we are usually facing pretty frigid temperatures. However, this year some regions are experiencing fluctuating weather at unusual rates. While this may be beneficial for those who hate the freezing winter, it may be hard for those who are still attempting to show off their winter or early spring garments, but haven’t been able to yet because of the weather. Even though this season has been a bit warmer than anyone expected, there are still numerous ways to sport individual winter pieces.

Personally, I love starting with basic pieces and building my look with accessories. For an evening out in the city, I decided to wear an oversize button-up with my white Vans. By pairing the button-up with sneakers, I added a bit of length to my top which could’ve appeared very short otherwise. From that point on, I focused on adding little touches that would take my outfit to the next level.

One statement piece of 2016 was the bomber. In my opinion, the bomber can complete almost any look because it adds a street flare that’s suitable for almost all occasions. In addition to the bomber jacket, I decided to carry my novelty Kate Spade bunny purse. Everything sparkly is going to be a big trend in 2017, and every outfit could benefit from a little shine. Although the bag enhanced my outfit, it had to be tied in with something else. That is why I decided to wear my black and pink lace socks. These socks coordinate with my purse and also help play into the novelty of it.

At this point, the basics are complete. The last step to finishing my look is to add jewelry. I usually keep it pretty basic with the jewelry I wear just so that the individual pieces don’t overpower the look itself when they all come together. Therefore, I settled on a rose-gold Michael Kors watch, a black and gold choker, and stud earrings. After my accessories, my look is complete. My look consisted of a black, pink, and gold color palette and is perfect for the warm winter or cool spring.