STYLE GURU STYLE: Glamorous Statement

Clean-cut garments and signature suits are essential in my wardrobe. The nice thing about it is that you can never go wrong with a fitted pantsuit, which could easily be worn year round. It gives a very well groomed and sophisticated look to your average Fashionista/o. Even though pantsuits are the traditional attire, Donna Karan’s fall 2015 ready-to wear collection exemplifies that “traditional” look with an edgy and modern twist.

As you flip through the pictures of Donna Karan’s fall collection, there is a very noticeable and continuous theme throughout each individual outfit—the power of the long, lean silhouette. It signifies the glamour of streetwear, and her inspiration came from her hometown of New York. From the blazers to the midriff hugging belts, Karan’s mission was to soulfully embrace the midday outerwear garments in such a way that structure and masculinity were primary factors within her ensembles.

My look, consisting of a black jumpsuit with a gold metal plate and a double pocketed gray vest, exemplifies the conventional and unique look for a young adult, like myself. I included gold bracelets and rings to accent the gold metal plate from the jumpsuit and finalized the whole piece with a black, open-toed ankle bootie. I have come to realize that there are many different ways to look sharp and glamorous and still express your own style. Karan’s collection has shown me the fanciness to everyday streetwear.

Get My Look: 1. A black jumpsuit. 2. A long gray vest. 3. A black, open-toed ankle bootie.