Last weekend, nerds from around the globe joined together for the most sacred of gatherings, Comic Con 2015. Since its inception in San Diego over 40 years ago, this annual event has grown to become a mecca that encompasses multiple platforms and genres; from films to comic books, from superheroes to sci-fi, you’ll find it all. With the expansion of DC’s cinematic universe to include the highly anticipated Wonder Woman movie coming out next year, a new Supergirl television series coming to CBS Mondays this fall and countless other female-empowerment role models entering the scene, this year was all about girl power. And for anyone who’s viewed the event photos, the outfits and cosplays of attendees more than reflected this theme.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and this year’s convention is now over. Even more unfortunate, no matter how amazing your Princess Bubblegum cosplay or how perfect your Mystique makeup may be, there are some things that must be left at the door of the exhibit hall and can’t be worn in a professional setting. However, never fear for all hope is not lost. Jeremy Scott has long been a believer of loud designs, and his Moschino spring 2016 menswear collection is no exception. He constantly proves that bold, bright patterns can easily be worn in and out of the office; meaning it is more than possible to dress in a chic, classroom-appropriate way that still shows off your super side.

Taking this concept to heart, I was overjoyed to find this explosive skirt with all the onomatopoeia I could dream of. I chose to pair it with a bright top and bold shoes, both keeping with the traditional comic practice of focusing on primary colors. As a finishing touch, I picked up this amazing hairclip at a local craft fair and some light reading at a local comic book shop. I may not have any super strength or lightning speed, but with an awesome outfit like this in my arsenal, I am more than ready to take the world by storm.

Get My Look: 1. ZIP!-up skirt. 2. SLAM!-ing solid top. 3. BUZZ!-worthy bold shoes. 4. POW!-erful hairclip.