STYLE GURU STYLE: Get This Girl To A Beach!

So classes here at the University of Alabama are coming to an end this week, and we have a week-long break until our second summer term starts. With that in mind, I’m longing to go to a beach! The temperature is getting well into the high 90’s, and while it’s time to retire my jeans, I wanted to recreate a Blumarine look with a pair of boot cut jeans I recently bought. The Blumarine resort 2016 collection is the combination between bohemian and classic, and I think pairing this white blouse with my boot cut jeans caught the gist of what the Blumarine girl values.

The white blouse I chose to wear is similar to the many of the pieces in the Blumarine collection—sheer peekaboo fabrics and tailored bodices were a reoccurring look. I personalized this look with the geometric-inspired pattern instead of the usual floral found within the collection.

The boot cut jeans I wore really dressed down this look and are perfect for the college girl always on the go. They are very lightweight and can be personalized to anyone’s style. As I mentioned before, this collection speaks to those that adore the classic feminine style as well as the boho-chic style, and these dark wash boot cut jeans work both avenues of personality.

I paired this look with this amazing beach bag. I consider it a “motivational accessory” and a reminder to the summer students who are patiently counting down the days until their upcoming trip to a nearby beach.

Lastly, I finished the outfit with a pair of white sandals I recently bought from H&M.

Get My Look: 1. A beach tote bag. 2. A white blouse 3. Dark wash jeans.