The master of blending opposite worlds, Alexander Wang’s spring 2015 show did not disappoint. Bright pops of unexpected and well-utilized color were the components of his show that originally drew me in, but Wang’s familiar, bold and defining aesthetics are what kept me intrigued. As a firm believer in repurposed silhouettes, several of his runway looks can be reimagined for a variety of occasions or events, even a day to night transformation. Chic and multi-purpose? It seems like his spring campaign is a headliner for the “athleisure” trend.

I will be the first to admit that fashion and sweatpants should never be in the same sentence. However, there is a way to rock the “athleisure” trend, and it starts with minimal colors. Wang understands that the most complex designs are better left to a black and white color scheme (which is why he remains one of the most commercial and easily wearable designers). In my runway to real way rendition, I capitalize on the simplicity of a minimal color scheme. A faux leather dress (typically reserved for a fancier occasion) is easily toned down with a pair of faux leather slip-ons. While I could have copied this look piece for piece, I made it more wearable for a college campus and a day full of classes. That being said, all I need to take this look from day to night is a pair of black strappy heels.

The athleisure trend already debuted for spring last year, but let’s face it: college students far and wide have been trying to make sweatpants a “thing” since the first day of freshman year. Now, fashion week has dubbed it sporty chic with its official stamp of approval—or Chanel sneakers if you will. Suddenly, your Nike gear has become the coolest part of your closet and—gasp!—you actually can look good after the gym. Not to mention, Queen B is collaborating with Topshop to launch an entire line of treadmill-chic pieces. Just remember, dear college student, simplicity is crucial to nailing this trend. No sweat, right?

Get My Look: 1. A faux leather dress. 2. Black and white slip-ons. 3. White sunglasses.