STYLE GURU STYLE: Geometry with a Twist

From start to finish the Animale spring 2015 collection provided a bold, edgy contrast from any other more modest runway shows. Although select few white floral details provided a more soft touch throughout the show, overall the show featured various looks of sharp geometric shapes with black and white coloring throughout.

In homage to the geometry of this incredible collection, I created my own off-the-runway look. I added a more bohemian twist than in the original collection with an off-the-shoulder fitted dress and laser-cut sunglasses. I also added some glam with a rhinestone layered statement necklace and the silver chain on my purse.

Many of the looks in the Animale show see-through making them a bit too revealing for a normal hot summer day outside. So, I went for a mid-thigh dress that still keeps within the black and edgy styles of the show, but is more modest. My black sandals are also cooling but keep within the geometric shapes theme in the collection as well.

The easiest way to get this looks is to add fun accessories and statement pieces. For examole, a black leather fringe skirt from Zara is cheaper than Animale while still being chic. Bauble Bar is the motherland for fun summer statement necklaces with rhinestones or even edgy chains. For shoes, a pair of black open-toe heels from Steve Madden will be a perfect touch! Have fun with the look! When you’re finding inspiration and ideas from the runway, it’s best to express your own taste as well. It might even be cheaper!

Get My Look: 1. Black suede leather fringe skirt. 2. Statement necklace. 3. Open-toe heel.