STYLE GURU STYLE: Geometric Love

Bold colors have always been a favorite of mine, and I think they bring excitement to the runway. Veronique Branquinho brought this trend to the next level in her fall 2015 collection. Her pieces are flawless with color-blocking and geometric shapes. The collection has small details and soft effects like pleats, frills, belts and panels with a black and gray-based color scheme. The color-blocking was the first things to catch my eye, and it’s no surprise, because I fell in love with Prada and Louis Vuitton’s version of the trend before. Branquinho’s collection reminded me that colors and shapes are fun to manipulate in clothing, so I put together my version of this trend.

I matched one of my bright winter cardigans with black leggings and a pair of booties. I love the shapes and patterns in the cardigan, and I think it’s a fun change in my wardrobe. This outfit is much more relaxed and comfortable than the runway collection, but draws the same attention. The colorful geometric angles stand out against the black outfit. If mixing shapes and prints together is complicated and overwhelming to you, then prints against solids are best.

When wearing geometric prints, accessories with a contrasting color stand out the most. Since prints attract a lot of attention, it’s better to go simple with the accessories. My cardigan is very bold, so the only accessory I’m wearing is a simple necklace. Also, wearing prints on your top will make your lower half look smaller and vice versa. This allows you to draw attention right where you want it! If you feel like you can’t pull off large prints, use this trend for your accessories. Patterned scarves and geometric shoes can make a simple outfit more interesting. Don’t be afraid to throw on bold patterns and colors whenever you can!

Get My Look: 1. Printed cardigan. 2. Shiny leggings. 3. Neutral booties.