Fashion is often cyclical. Since there are only so many shapes clothing can take, designers often borrow looks from the past and make them stylish with new twists and modern fabrics. Trends usually take about a 20 year retirement and then pop back into high fashion, which explains why some of our parents’ favorite trends from the ’90s are suddenly reemerging on runways.

If you had told me a few years ago that turtlenecks and vests were going to be back in style, I would have told you you were crazy. In my opinion, turtlenecks were always very geeky and the only people who wore them hadn’t updated their closet in a few decades. Now, I’m thankful that my mom kept all her old clothing because I’m stealing them for myself to emulate collections like Derek Lam’s fall 2015 ready-to-wear line.

It’s no surprise that Lam’s collection was inspired by great women of the late 1900s—think Diane Keaton meets Katherine Hepburn. The collection was full of flared pants, turtleneck dresses and deep V-neck sweaters in emerald green and burnt orange. Despite its portrayal of the past, the collection was very much in line with the trends students are currently wearing on campus—there were even a few furry vests.

What was once geek is now chic and I used that to my full advantage when piecing together today’s outfit. My turtleneck sweater dress is one of my favorite purchases this winter. It’s soft and comfortable and works in a variety of situations, from a day at my internship to a dinner date. I layered with a fluffy vest that is reminiscent of the fur vest trend currently hitting campus but a little more subdued. To really rock my geeky side, I added a pair of cat eye glasses that make me happy to be nearsighted. I added a pair of glam black booties and a long necklace to add a little bit of spunk to my look.

Despite their once nerdy feel, I’m excited that collections like the Derek Lam fall 2015 ready-to-wear show are bringing back items like turtlenecks and vests. As someone who lives in a state with five months of winter, I’m always happy to have multiple layers and to be covered all the way up to my chin.

Get My Look: 1. A turtleneck sweater dress. 2. A black vest. 3. A pair of cat eye glasses.