STYLE GURU STYLE: Futuristic Florals

Every single person has a signature look. If asked what my default outfit is, the honest answer would be “anything that has a floral print.” Nine out of 10 times that I get dressed, I am wearing some garment that has a floral print on it. Perhaps it is my love of gardening, or the fact that I spent my childhood growing up on a flower farm, that has caused me to be so drawn to florals.

Floral prints are clearly in my fashion comfort zone! The best part about floral printed clothing is the large variety that is available. While floral prints most often have a classic and vintage feel, there are many modern ones as well. I was inspired to wear digital floral prints after seeing Thom Browne’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection. In his collection, he showcased numerous pieces with digital floral prints in an array of vibrant colors. Far from the romantic floral designs that are commonplace, digital floral prints are ultra-modern and exude an urban feel. Wearing items that have futuristic floral designs are perfect for any Fashionista that wants to add edge into their wardrobe and still look feminine.

For my outfit, I wore a digital floral print romper with a pair of slip-on sneakers. I had selected a romper because it is an ideal go-to piece for when you want to look trendy with little effort. Also, keeping my accessories simple with a layered necklace, studded earrings and a bangle watch was necessary so that nothing clashed against my bright and busy patterned romper. What I particularly love about this look is that it incorporates a high fashion trend while still being completely wearable. Whether you’re styling an outfit for a brunch date or getting dressed for class, digital floral prints are a foolproof trend that any Fashionista can adopt.

Get My Look: 1. A digital floral print romper. 2. An edgy layered chain necklace. 3. A pair of slip-on sneakers.