As college students enter the spring semester, there are a lot of mixed feelings. We feel bummed that the holidays are over and we’re excited to see friends back on campus, yet the sharp, frigid weather can leave us feeling in the dumps. It makes it hard to get out of your warm, cozy bed and get your butt to class in the morning.

Instead of slumping to 8:00 a.m. illustration class in sweatpants, I wear something that I’m excited about—my fur coat. There are SO many different kinds of fur coats, there is one for everybody! There is cropped, long, stoles, wraps, some have zippers, some have clasps. If you are an animal lover, there are so many modern, chic, faux fur options. Faux fur is also relatively cheap, which is a plus.

Personally, I love the look of fur that has a long nap, such as this coat from Rodarte’s spring 2016 collection. This means that the hair is not cut short, like a poodle, but has long, more individual strands and resembles hair. Fur coats that resemble hair like a poodle can also be very chic in the winter time.

Underneath fur coats, anything is possible. Ideally, they are perfect over fancy dresses or skirts for a dressy event or gathering. In more recent street style, fur coats are worn on a daily basis with more edgy clothing, such as sports jerseys and studded tops underneath to balance the tough and feminine vibes. Here, I’m wearing a black beanie and gold platform sneakers to make the outfit more casual and to balance the girly vibes with urban, street style elements.

Get My Look: 1. Coat 2. Sneakers 3. Beanie 4. Bold lipstick